COVID19: Our commitment to your Safety

We are carefully following the announcements of the World Health Organization and the Decrees of the Italian Prime Minister regarding the cases of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are following the directives of these agencies and local health authorities.

Both the Guests and the Staff are certainly familiar with the following measures, but we want to remember them as a form of hospitality and care for their health, in preparation for the next reopening:

  • The Social distancing includes refraining from hugging, kissing or shaking hands with guests and staff. It means to keep a distance of at least one meter and avoid anyone who coughs or sneezes.·      
  • The Hand hygiene involves frequent and thoroughly cleaning with soap and water or with an alcoholic solution. You should also avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Hand disinfection is indicated after the exchange of objects (e.g. documents, money, credit cards) with guests.·      
  • The Respiratory hygiene involves covering your mouth and nose with an elbow or a folded handkerchief when coughing or sneezing. The used tissue must be immediately disposed of in a container with a lid.

In addition to the directives, Palazzo Seneca has developed the following points: 

1. The Safety and the staff training
2. The Safety of our guests
3. The Communication
4. The Management of the common areas
5. In the Rooms
6. The Emergency Management (case of an infected person, either Guest or Staff)


The Safety and the staff training 

The staff is informed of the measures to be taken to protect their own health and that of the Guests like, per example, the use of PPE (personal protection equipment) and is able to illustrate them following management information and training briefings. Therefore, in addition to the equipment recommended by the various authorities, Palazzo Seneca is implementing the following initiatives:

1. Before opening, a complete mechanical sanitization will be carried out.
2. The staff will self-check their body temperature at the beginning of each shift with a note in a daily diary (respecting the rules on sensitive data).
3. All staff will be insured for any consequences related to Covid-19.


The Safety of our Guests

The safety of our Guests is our primary objective to permit the peaceful and relaxing stay at Palazzo Seneca. The following measures go in this direction and are implemented on the basis of daily experience:

  • Before opening, a complete mechanical sanitization will be carried out.
  • All Guests will be asked to self-check their temperature, with the possibility of being subjected to temperature measurement with a special thermometer, to answer the simple questions of the "Guest Health Questionnaire" and to respect the distances and rules that guarantee safety of the Guests and the Staff, through panels positioned in the common areas and before the elevator. According to availability, it will be possible to buy a rapid immunological kit.·      
  • The invitation to use the lift only one person at a time or per family. The elevator buttons and all the elements that come into repeated contact with the Guests (handles, handrails) will be cleaned at regular intervals according to the level of use.·      
  • The presence of a decontaminating carpet at the entrance of the hotel.·      
  • The air conditioning systems will be cleaned by a specialized company. All cleaning products and equipment used are certified.

The Communication

Palazzo Seneca considers correct communication to Guests and Staff to be essential.For this, it requires guests to respect the rules that guarantee everyone's safety both verbally and through panels and horizontal signs. This information will be available upon receipt and through the use of QRcode inside the elevators.


The Management of the common areas

The common areas such as the Hall, the reception area and the breakfast room will receive a greater and constant attention to sanitization to ensure the full well-being of the Guests. Here are some actions that we have decided to implement:

For the disinfection of the floors in the reception area, in the Sala del Camino and in the room in front of the Library, it will be carried out with water and PMC detergent and more frequently as the flow of guests increases. The same cleaning for the furniture and all surfaces. For the cleaning of sofas, armchairs and seats, we will proceed according to practice, using detergents suitable for the different types of material treated, in compliance with the indications of the suppliers.

At the Reception there will be a panel and a horizontal sign with an indication of keeping the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter and will be equipped with a dispenser with disinfectant hand solution.

In the Library area, books should be consulted only after wearing disposable gloves and an alcohol-based sanitizing napkin is available near the computer in the common area near the reception.

In the Breakfast Room, the breakfast buffet is replaced by a breakfast served at the table by the room staff wearing a mask and/or gloves. In addition, the tables are arranged so that the distance between the back of one chair and that of another is greater than one meter (except for families or people who share the same room).

In the rooms

The cleaning services, already very rigorous in our company practice, have been enhanced. The procedures have been revised and adapted using PMC detergents suitable for the different types of material treated. Moreover:·      

In each room, a free Welcome Kit is provided containing a hand disinfectant gel, a disposable surgical mask and a wet wipe for surfaces.·      

It is the guest's right to request that cleaning staff will not enter the room during their stay.·      

  • The rooms will be aired before cleaning.·      
  • The simultaneous presence of several employees in the same room is avoided; in any case, during the cleaning of the rooms the Guest must not be present; sanitizing of frequently touched objects, such as handles and switches.·      
  • All surfaces that may have been contaminated with respiratory secretions or other body fluids from infected people (toilets, sinks, bathtubs, ect) will be disinfected with a sodium hypochlorite solution.·      
  • Used laundry will be placed in special laundry bags marked and handled with care to avoid raising of dust and the potential contamination of the surrounding surfaces to be then treated and sanitized.·       The waste bins will be equipped with a bag so to empty it without coming into contact with the contents.·      
  • The cleaning staff were instructed on the use of PPE and on hand hygiene immediately after the removal of personal protective equipment and at the end of the cleaning and disinfection work.·      
  • The keys and TV remote controls will be sanitized and placed in a special sealed bag.·      
  • In the rooms, water kettles and all objects of mixed use such as information folders and / or pens have been eliminated. The internal directory is available at the Reception via QRcode.

The Emergency Management

In the event that a person inside the structure should present the symptoms of a respiratory infection (dry cough, fever, sore throat, breathing difficulties), the hotel staff is trained to follow emergency procedures:

1. in the case of an employee:

  • must immediately stop work and inform the Management who will contact the competent health authority. Pending the intervention of medical services, the person must remain isolated in a special room ensuring adequate natural ventilation.·      
  • If the employee reports from home that he has symptoms, he will have to stay at home, seek medical help immediately and follow the instructions including self-isolation at home until the symptoms are finally gone      

2. in the case of a Guest:  ·      

  • must immediately inform a receptionist who will call the medical assistance. Pending the intervention of the medical services, the Guest must remain isolated in his room ensuring adequate natural ventilation.At the end of the emergency in both cases: ·      
  • In the room where a confirmed case of Covid-19 has stayed, a specialized company will take care of the decontamination using products suitable for the sanitization, sanitation and sterilization of the whole environment. All touched surfaces, walls, doors, windows, toilets and sanitary facilities will be cleaned with particular attention, ensuring ventilation of the rooms.·      
  • Bed linen and bath sponges that come into contact with the patient must be placed in a separate bag delivered to the professional laundry service.·      
  • Curtains and other fabric materials must be subjected to a washing cycle with hot water at 90°C and detergent, with the possible addition of bleach or sodium hypochlorite based products.·      
  • All cleaning operations must be carried out by specialized personnel wearing the appropriate PPE.