Virtuoso crowns the Bianconi family’s Relais & Châteaux in Norcia as the best hotel of the year.

The Relais & Châteaux Palazzo Seneca of Norcia is the Hotel of the year 2017. The hotel, owned and run by the Bianconis, hoteliers and restaurateurs since 1850, has received the ambitious international recognition “Best of the Best Award” during the 29th edition of the “Virtuoso Travel week” held in Las Vegas. Virtuoso is a World leader luxury tourism network with 15.200 travel agents, 1.700 special partners such as top hotels, luxury cruise lines in more than 100 different nations all meticulously selected.

Nominations are defined by Virtuoso Life collaborators, an award winning network magazine addressed to more than 200.000 high level travellers. The choice of the winner has been decided by 11.400 consultants all over the World.

The Award was delivered to Federico Bianconi the ‘Best of the Best Award’ in front of an audience of several thousands travel professionals and consultants, by the Virtuoso President. The Hotel of the year award recognizes a model which includes the top aspects of luxury hospitality being a model for a positive change in the hotel community.

An overwhelmed Federico Bianconi, one of the owners, declared: “Mamma mia... We considered already a victory having the nomination for our Palazzo Seneca next to 4 luxury tourism giants. This is a dream come true for us and for all Norcia community badly tested by the 2016 earthquake. The solidarity of many friends, the strength of our employees, the sense of social responsibility to the community have enabled us to overcome yet another test, a proof of love for this land along with the art of hospitality which my family has been handed down from generation to generation since 1850. Awards such as the «Best of the Best Award» can only give us even more determination and courage to carry forward the ‘mission’ of ambassadors of Norcia with its invaluable natural and culinary heritage well-known worldwide. Palazzo Seneca tells 167 years of history. The uniqueness lies in close connection with the territory and the community that give value to the structure together with guests experiences.”