Vespasia Restaurant

The “Vespasia” project was created and is operated by Vincenzo and Federico Bianconi, the latest generation of a family of enthusiast restaurateurs, with a tradition that began in the 1850s and continued without interruption. This is a tribute to this land and its immense culinary richness. The restaurant “Vespasia” is located in the Palazzo Seneca Relais & Châteaux, a noble palace dating back to the 1500s in the artistic heart of Norcia, a few steps from the main square of St. Benedict, between the Castle of Vignola and the convent of St. Francis, the latter transformed in recent years into a stylish auditorium. The restaurant “Vespasia” gives out a sense of harmony and peace. Here innovation meets tradition, treating it with respect a child should treat his father. Everything at the “Vespasia” tells the story of this land – style, colours and flavours that are simple but at the same time intense.

Details always make the difference and this is why they were treated with great love and attention. At the “Vespasia” the Guests can even choose their seat between comfortable padded chairs and large leather armchairs, both created by master Umbrian craftsmen. The table can be in the more intimate ‘black’ fireplace room and including wine, candles and wooden furniture, or between the lemon grove and the old stables, overlooking the inner courtyard. When the weather permits, guests can eat outside where, in addition to peace and tranquillity, they can enjoy the view of the towers, bell towers and, in the distance, of the Sibillini Mountains. The scent of aromatic herbs from the garden completes a top-quality location.

But it is at night that the restaurant “Vespasia” expresses its greatest charm. The candles are lit, the lights dimmed, the staff consistently checks that everything is perfect – it’s time for the show! The silverware, the crystal glasses and the spotless table linen are overshadowed as the dishes prepared by the Chef Valentino Palmisano and his staff, the real protagonists of the restaurant “Vespasia”, arrive. The recipes you can taste at the “Vespasia” stand out for their elegance, refinement, tradition, creativity and real professional ethics. Colours, scents and flavours want to carry those who taste them on a journey to discover this land, full of great products, great history, simplicity and love for good and healthy things. Every Saturday night, you can also enjoy the soft notes of live jazz, swing or blues that good musicians reserve for our guests. Everything to make yours a memorable evening.


Ownership and management
Vincenzo and Federico Bianconi, thanks to their parents Carlo and Anna, have created the project “Vespasia”. They love good and healthy things produced by the Earth, this land, and environmental and social sustainability. They founded, together with Massimo and Daniele Pizzichini, the ethical movement “Salus per Cibum”. They promote excellence and the development of this community by sharing a vision of future that is high, healthy and just, and with it they carry out new projects together with more enlightened manufacturers. The Bianconi family has been making food since 1850.


The Chef Valentino Palmisano has joined the “Vespasia” project since 2017. A meeting of ideas and the common ethical and professional values ​​have led the Neapolitan chef to move to Norcia after a decade of prestigious international experiences in large hotel chains from Shanghai to the Ritz-Carlton in Kyoto. Listed among the top 10 best Italian chefs abroad by “Arbiter” magazine, in Asia Palmisano became one of the greatest interpreters of Italian cuisine, authentic, creative and at the same time tradition-bound. Trained in the school of Alfonso Iaccarino, Bruno Barbieri, Pino Lavarra and Oliver Glowig, over the years he has worked with professionals like Riccardo La Perna, Massimo Bottura, Domenico Iavarone and, Gaetano Trovato, devising a program of gourmet events of international appeal called “Dining with Valentino”.


Filippo Moriggi is passionate about good food and the food in all its forms. A traveller and a person with a deep knowledge of different cultures, he loves discovering local markets with their scents and goods on offer. His experiences led him to one of the most pristine places on the planet, New Zealand, at the Otahuna Lodge Relais & Châteaux. Here he embraced the project ‘farm to table’, entailing the production and cultivation in the property or the search for raw materials from local producers. Along with the Bianconi family he intends to pursue this philosophy and the creation of a network of sustainable businesses. Among his notable experiences are the Silversea luxury cruises, still partners with Relais & Châteaux.


Maître / sommelier
Laura Santoro is a cornerstone of the restaurant “Vespasia” and of Palazzo Seneca, a smile from the coast of Sorrento mixed to the down-to-earth qualities of Umbria. Professionally raised within the Bianconi family’s properties, Laura has demonstrated over the years professionalism, determination and love for her work. Her elegant and warm welcome will make you feel at home.


barba Gianni – Tripadvisor “We had the privilege of having lunch at Vespasia at the wedding of a couple of friends and it was a pleasurable experience, no doubt worthy of note. A special praise can only be addressed to all members of the staff who have served us, available and elegant, prepared, and professional in providing a carefree formality, of those that make you feel as comfortable as you were at home. As far as the culinary aspect is concerned, speaking of a lunch listing the individual portions in their delicacy would seem to me to be reductive though not overlooked; I prefer to define this experience as an eno-gastronomic sensory path! Already, because the combinations that have been reserved deserve an excellent overall judgment, thanks to the simplicity of the plates found above all in the usability of these also by palates wary or unusual to the peculiarity, simplicity all over the excellence of the territory . As far as I do not have the competence of a Masterchef judge to be able to judge a dish, I would like to point out the portions I liked most: it is impossible to mention in the appetizers of marinated mackerel based on ricotta ricotta with orange and fennel; I pretend not to be a lover of marinades because most of the time eating them has the unpleasant feeling that they are all the same, irrespective of the fish in question, but in this case, that was for me a sort of proof of the ninth of goodness , My palate expresses gratitude! Finally, I would like to point out the second flat-cake dish: even in this case a challenge to the palate, as I rarely remain exalted by a bovine-based course that I have only rarely eaten, having long adopted a Reducer food style. Was exquisite! I wish I could come back and return, thank you and express to you the best compliments. Greetings and I hope so soon!”

Viaggia61 – Tripadvisor “Choosing for the Michelin star, the arrival of the first pleasant surprise is the arrangement and preparation of the table, in a well-kept garden and so quiet that you can not hear the concert music in the nearby square. Service is attentive and professional but with At the same time, when the customer’s availability is perceived, the style becomes more friendly but always smudged. The sublimation of a family tradition emerges from the approach of the owner, from the menus, the performance of dishes and the quality of raw materials. We chose the Tradition (ground) menu, accompanied by amuse-bouche, sorbet and mignoiserie; Each dish was excellent for both presentation and flavor, with surprises in the use of some typical ingredients A “cuddle” that we will try to give again, maybe even taking advantage of one of the upstairs bedrooms to easily enjoy the combination of proposed wines “